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Bonin Seeking Increase in Developers’ Parking Fees in Venice

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Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin has put forth a motion addressing the parking squeeze in Venice.

Bonin in his November 12 motion asked for an increase in the “in-lieu fees” that developers have the option to pay instead of meeting parking requirements for real estate projects.

The in-lieu fees were set in the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan development guidelines in 1999 at $18,000 per parking space and have not increased over the past 15 years as the area has experienced a real estate boom.

“We need to get real about providing meaningful parking solutions in Venice so residents, customers, and tourists are able to park near their homes, businesses, and the boardwalk,” Bonin said Tuesday in a statement. “Updating the in-lieu parking fee in Venice will help us put neighborhoods first by allowing the City to finance the construction of parking spaces and increase parking capacity for the neighborhood.”

The motion said similar issues have been addressed by including a provision that accounts for inflation and by linking fees to the Consumer Price Index. The accounting provision was excluded from the plan in 1999 and in a 2004 amendment.

The motion asked for the City Attorney’s Office to prepare an amendment to the zoning plan that would tie the in-lieu parking fee with inflation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and for annual adjustments based on the CPI.

Bonin’s motion also said the community was ‘burdened by the frequent use of “grandfathered” parking rights” and requested the Planning Department examine the benefits and impacts of its elimination.

Developers of some projects in Venice have been granted “grandfathered” parking requirements based on previous zoning ordinances. As a result, new developments with intense use and higher parking demands have been built with little or no additional parking, the motion said.

Bonin, whose 11th Council District includes Venice, also has been investigating other ways to improve parking availability in the community. He has been exploring angled parking, public-private partnerships for more lots and consideration of a parking credit system such as the one used in neighboring Santa Monica.

The in-lieu fee moton was seconded by Councilman Jose Huizar and will be considered by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee.

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